Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is Retrodrome?

This is my first Blog post and your intro to "Retrodrome". You might be asking yourself, where did he came up with that name? Well, to be honest, all the good Retro-something names had been taken, but I still wanted something with the prefix "Retro"... cause it's a cool word and applicable in my case. Retro is obvious, but "Drome"? What-the-huh (dog's head tilting)?? Drome is usually found behind "Aero" as in Aerodrome, or "Hippo" as in Hippodrome. A Hippodrome was (is?) a race track or course in Greece. "Hippos" is horse and "Dromos" is track. So basically, a horse track a la Ben Hur. And you always thought Hippos were those big mouth hungry hungry guys. Later the word "Aero" was attached which is a fancy European WWI, WWII way of saying Airport...Aerodrome. So in a round about way, which went through ancient Greece, Ben Hur, the Royal Air Force, and my dumb head...we have "Retrodrome". A place where all things from the past land and race around in your mind. Really? Huh, well, it still sounds cool. Retrodrome.

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