Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Circle

"Goodbye Old Me!" It was time for a make-over to my whole thing I do (which I'm not even sure what that is sometimes). So I came up with the concept of an all inclusive "umbrella" to cover everything, the collectibles, the antique mall spot, the auctions...me, Retrodrome. I secured the .com, the Facebook name, have worked on this blog for several months, and soon my Ebay auction template will match too. I'm sure the look will change over time, and I'll add a real website at some point making this blog a branch off of that, but change keeps things fresh. I know building a singular presence will take some time, but that's ok (I've got nothing but time...). I'll have other side blogs (like my pee-chee-art one now) , and business cards made up...the whole thing. The circle will close, and it'll all be Retrodrome. Nothing earth shattering, just that.

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