Monday, March 17, 2014

Rome wasn't built... a day. That doesn't mean they weren't working on it diligently. That is also the story of my Toy Museum Process (see the date of my last post). I'm ready to move into the next phase, the one beyond the sittin and thinkin, the one that involves doin. It has been more of a clandestine operation so far, buying, planning, observing others, things like that. The next part will be recruitment. I can't do it alone, and have always known that. That means I need to start talking to people, bouncing ideas off them, getting them onboard. I always figured this would be the hard part, taking something that is special to me, and presenting to others...hoping it is special to them too. I need to figure to some, it won't be. I'm ready for that, but really hope to be the first handshake in a long chain. I want you if...
You love vintage toys, pop culture, collecting, hunting, researching, and everything related. Think there should be a place where the masses can see play things from their past, the things that mean something to them, the things that make them say "I remember that". A place where they can also see the things their parents and grandparents played with, the rare, the things that never get seen. I want you if you believe that material things kept hidden away in boxes, away from joy...might as well not even exist. I want you to help me make it happen.

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