Monday, July 27, 2009

S'Cool Find

I found this a few weeks back, it's one of my favorite early '70s models, The S'Cool Bus. It has been done as a Kit, a Hot Wheels car, and more recently a larger die-cast toy. Mattel purchased Monogram around this time and some of the best cross-over Hot Wheels and Model Kits came out of this era. The S'Cool bus is a Tom Daniel design, and so outlandishly sweet, it's easy to see why people like it so much. It's a funny car School Bus with a lift-up body, and powered by two massive Hemis.

This model is an original (it has been re-issued over the years) and fairly well done. Some early built-ups are done poorly, so when you find a good's a keeper. I like the fake windows with the kid silhouettes in them. Nothing like getting to your school a quarter mile away in 10 seconds...

Check out Tom's site over in departures. You'll freak out over all the customs he's done through the years.

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