Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stars Antique Mall Update

I've moved into a second spot in Stars and Splendid. I share it with my friend Paula, it's right next to my first spot, and right across the aisle from her regular spot. In my old space I do kitschy, fun, pop culture, and toys, but in the new shared spot, we're doing primitives, antiques, and somewhat of a farm house thing. It gives us both a chance to do what we love in our old spots and something different in the new one. Paula is a master of color, design, and reclamation, and me with my whole "Retro" thing.

The colors in both our regular spaces are striking, bright, primary reds, yellows, blues, as well as vintage and mod colors like pink and chartreuse. The new spot will allow us to have natural wood tones, chippy whites, accented with glass, enamel ware, and pottery. We'll use classic themes like books, garden, and vintage black tech (typewriters, old cameras...that sorta stuff) to spice it up.

During the Holidays it'll give us a chance to really shine with vintage Halloween, Christmas, Valentines...all without having to re-make our normal spots. Fun and good for me having to think outside my normal world of Hot Rods and Tiki Lights.

It is in Stars and Splendid, right next to Spot 37, and right across from spot 77...NEW 37/77!

There are links to the Mall in Departures and also down the right column further in an ad box.

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