Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nutty Mad Men

I've been watching Mad Men on AMC, and of course being a retro-head, I love it. The items in the background, the clothes, the products they talk about, love it, love it, love it. I watched the very first episode, the very first time it aired...Ohhhhh, I'm so hip!

Actually, I was drawn to it for obvious reasons (I'm not that hip). It's set in a time I really like as a collector and vintage dealer, the early to mid '60s. When design was almost more important than function. The lamps were rocket sleek, couches broad and flat, suits dangerously sharp, and the products were frivolous. The "Ad Men" were more than happy to tell us why we needed all these items, and as a naive nation, we were more than happy to eat it up. Things haven't changed much since then, at least in the world of advertising. Manipulation is easy when it's plugged into emotion.

This 1960s Marx Nutty Mads figure is named Suburban Sidney. He's a whacked out business man commuting on a tricycle, his briefcase flung out for balance, tie flapping in the breeze, and little hat perched on a crazed head. He's pretty much the opposite of Don Draper. I think Don could commute on a tricycle and make it look good...damn him.

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