Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool Find: Aug. 7

Sea Monkeys are an enigma, they're a blatant rip-off, yet everyone accepts that. In fact, they not only accept the false advertising by the Sea Monkey folks...they love them because of it! They're right up there with the X-Ray Specs that were also sold in comic books, we all fell for the joke. It's all part of learning a lesson as a kid I guess, it's almost like the government gives them permission to teach us all a lesson about frivolous spending. How many kids have uttered "What the hell, creepy little shrimp? Where's the little family? They don't even have faces, what the hell?!" That's when dad would walk by, "Seeeee, I told you to save your money."

Lesson learned. Thanks Sea Monkeys!

You gotta love them though. It's more the concept of Sea Monkeys, rather than than the reality of them. They really play on the every kid wants a pet monkey thing.

This was one of my weekend finds, an unusual item from the world of Sea Monkeys. It's the Living Sea Gem. A '60s era necklace that you were supposed to put a Sea Monkey in and wear around. Sorta like a hamster ball, but for wierd little shrimp. I'm not sure if you were supposed to kidnap the mother, the father, or one of the kids for this excursion that would surely end in death...but no matter, that's the life of a Sea Monkey...short.

I'm more facinated by the girl's hair than the necklace, I'm thinking spiders are living in there.

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